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Victoria Dossier
Age: unknown
Date of Birth: unknown
Origin: Salem 1963 born under the winter solstice
Race: Vampire
Background: A vampiress of significant stature living in a rich lifestyle as she could have anything her heart desired til one unfaithful night robbed her of all she knew hunters seeking to destroy her parents and there foul broad as the hunters would say layed seige to their manor home killing off her mother and father and sisters, sense then victoria has been on the run moving from place to place a harboring hatered boiling in her veins as she recants the nightmare of the slaughter of her family and destruction of the lifestyle she new and grew so fond of. She now hides in the underground circles such activites drew the attentions of a nobel vampire by the name of Vlad whom harbored no ill will orsense of vengense but this travestry in his eyes would not go unpunished as he offered his aid willingly on her fight for vengense the two would grow close in the following months eve
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A Witch's Trials
A Witch's Trials (Edit)
It was a late night in Salem the moon shining an errie glow upon on an almost unreconizable scenary as everytrhing changed from night to day the silense adding a almost serene appeal to it til it was broken by the barking and howling of wolves hot on the hunt thier chaseing after a young girl a witch by the name of Dawn, a fugetive to an ever changing world running deeper into the woods to aviod the blood hungry wolves or the hunters to whm they belonged this scenary comes as nothing new to Dawn as she has been running all her life sense the unfortunate incident when her parents where brutilly murdered by the same hunters that now pursued her with a almost religious zealous seeking her death just for her being a witch. The time comes about 1963 immedaitly folloing the Salem witch trials the ruling power The romen cathlic church establishing a creed that all witchs to be batized by fire in the lords name. This night however such a pleasure would be denied them as
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Dawn Dossier
Age: 21
Date of Birth: January: 15 1642
Race: Human (turned vampire by vlad shortly after victoria adopts her)
Origin: Salem
Background: An extrodinary child gifted with magical abilites both parents where witchs before her, her taining happened at an early age for she showed an aptatude for spells at the age of two gorwing into her gifts she quickly grew into the lifestyle however at the age of 20 templars under the overzealous creed of the roman cathlic chruch marched into her villa as there where reports of witchcraft done by her parents both of which where executed for resisting just as dawn fled the villige the templars pursueing her for the assumption that she too carried on the family tradition of witch craft much to their dismay as they closed in on her she had mysteriously vanished or so they thought, being plucked out of the grasp of the templar hunters by none otherthen Victoria herself she was pulled underground for safe keeping victoria and Vlad where seen as not only
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Pandora Dossier
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Origin: Paris
Race: Human turned Shade ( vassal containing multiple souls)
Background: A young girl born into the hierarchy of the French royalists This fact hidden shortly after Pandora would meet Von and change her life forever however this fact is a short lived one because This princess would soon find a another girl by the name of Nyx in one of her visits to New Orleans which the two would then form a fast frdship bonding the two almost like sisters much to Pandora’s surprise Nyx would approach her wanting only to inform her friend that she was dyeing having been infected with the tainted blood of lycans the event in question happening on a full paradox moon where Pandora would make a selfless choice and allow Nyx to fade from her body and take on the role of a shade sharing Pandora’s body thus shifting her into the shade she is today where every paradox Pandora shifted into Nyx allowing her to take control thus giving her the
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The Fallen Angel
Looking out a dark window Liz sighed softly and wondered what the world looked like but only smelt the dew on the flowers in the window box, Her Mother gasped "get away from the window before you fall" Liz laughs and closes the window walking over to her and pats her on the back "mom im fine don't worry so much" Her Mother rolls her eyes and gos back to cleaning the kitchen. Liz walked up to her room slowing opening the door "what are you doing here" she said softly with an edged tone
"ive come to get you back, the coven needs you, i need you" the man said with a dark voice
Liz sighed and walks in the room "you don't need me and nor do they i told you before im not going back to that"
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Laki Dossier
Laki( Von’s blood brother)
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: unknown
Origin: Transylvania
Race : Vampire
Background: Laki is a vampire of the aristocracy a upper classmen that carries himself as such however his abundant wealth is acquired through more questionable means having ties to the blood mafia who’s run ins have landed Him as Von’s adopted blood brother, after being bailed out numerous times they would meet in about the 1900’s the two carrying similar lives albeit completely tastes. Laki holds himself a ladies’ man by his very nature, always adorning himself in the color Blue as he finds the color to be the most elegant of all. His attitude earns a rampant disgust with Von’s mate Pandora whom see’s him nothing but a user among other notable shortcomings in the man’s mysterious past of which Von swears never to tell, This past however can be somewhat reveled as you look at Laki and notice
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Emo poem
I used to be emo I used to be Goth and even now I'm everything that you are not. My sweet brown eyes and pretty smile its better than a country mile, every boy in town could of had a round but I saved my love just for you and then you tor my heart in 2. I was left broken only hoping that the world would end now I'm smiling once again, found the one that makes me whole and now I found my fantasy turns out I could always be ME!
(who would of known I would be the one to make me whole)
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